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  • Almonds Blanched Slivered

    Almonds Blanched and Slivered by BazziniNet Weight: 4 lbs

  • Apricots Turkish Fancy 5#

    Moist and dried whole.  No pit.

  • Apricots Turkish Jumbo  5#

    Moist and dried. They are amazing!

  • Banana Chips  5#

    Excellent energy snack containing vitamins B6m6, potassium, and dietary fiber. Banan chips make a great mid-holiday snack.

  • Jumbo Cashews Salted

    Premium cashews batch roasted to perfection with just the right amount of salt to make you not stop eating them!  Packed with Protien, Fiber and antioxidants making Cashews a great snack.  Also prefect for trail...

  • Cashews Raw 240

    Natural Cashews by BazziniNet Weight: 4 lbs

  • Cashews Roasted 240 No Salt

    Jumbo Cashews roasted . NO SALT! by BazziniNet Weight: 4 lbs

  • Cocktail Crunch 5# 45203

    Sesame sticks, Jumbos peanuts, Rice Crackers, Honey Roasted Peanuts and Hickory Smoked Almonds make up this favorite!

  • Coconut Sweet Fancy Shred  5#

    Shredded. Always good to have on-hand for baking and that perfect dessert.

  • Dates Pitted California 5#

    Delicious and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. Our dates contain no pits, but please be aware as with any naturally harvested product that occasional pit or partial pit may be present.

  • Deluxe Basket

    A tempting selection of Nuts, gourmet fruit and chocolate 16 oz Super Colossal Pistachios 13 oz Fancy Dried Fruit 11 oz Almond Butter Toffee 9 oz Macadamia Berry Mix 15 oz Milk Chocolate Almonds 12 oz Honey Roasted...

  • Divided Tin

    Our Most Popular Combination Tin To Date! Our classic divided nut and chocolate tin.  These simple and elegant silver tins have just enough panache to satisfy every gift-giving occasion. 10.5 oz. Dark Chocolate...

  • Fancy Fruit  5#

    Pineapple, Pitted Prunes, Turkish Figs, Turkish Apricots, Apple Rings (sulphered)

  • Figs Black Mission 5#

    Grown in the fertile valley of Central California. Our premium figs are hand selected. Figs are a high energy snack. A perfect addition for baking, grain recipes, salads or just to snack on.

  • Figs Golden.  Blend of California and Turkish 5#

    Figs are high in Fiber and antioxidants.

  • Filbert Flour Natural

    Also known as Hazelnut meal. Great for baking. Rich and Nutty flavor. Great or those who are intolerant of gluten and wheat products.Net Weight: 4 lbs