Anthony Bazzini came to America from a small town in Northern Italy when he was just a boy. At his first job at a nut processing company he showed the talent, vision, and dedication to quality that would define his lifelong work. A.L. Bazzini held that very first job for the rest of his life, eventually buying the processing company he worked for. Though the company has grown and times have changed, the core values of Bazzini have endured: dedication to exceptional quality and to personal service.

The cornerstone of Bazzini’s success is treating each customer as a neighbor, just as A.L. Bazzini did. We still take pleasure in doing things the attentive and unhurried way—in its fast paced metropolitan location, Bazzini is a bastion of old city neighborly warmth. is the complete on-line resource for assisting corporate business & individual gift-giving as an extension of the Bazzini mail order catalog. We hope to not only answer the question "what is an appropriate gift during the holidays?" but serve as a full service program for all year round gift-giving. Shoppers and food aficionados can find gift selections that suit their individual lifestyle and business needs. On-line consumers are invited to purchase some of the world's finest quality gifts. From bountiful baskets, grand boxes & glorious tins, Bazzini makes it easy to satisfy everyone's taste with gifts of unsurpassed flavor & value. Gift consulates will also be available to help in holiday planning and selection. Our mission is to provide the finest quality gifts to meet your needs, whatever the occasion. For family gatherings and corporate receptions, special gifts or just because, Bazzini gifts are the perfect choice. And, the Bazzini stamp of approval means you get only the highest quality made from the freshest ingredients.
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