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Bazzini Classics
In the Spring of 1945, Bazzini introduced their new Food Service Vacuum Tin. It soon became a symbol of quality nuts in hotels and restaurants. It is still being sent to the best kitchens in New York. Our customers affectionately refer to it as the "Elephant Tin." We are now offering this Classic to you.
Salted Jumbo Virginia Peanuts $14.50
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Salted Competition Mixed Nuts $32.50
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Salted Jumbo Indian Cashews $42.75
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New Classics
Bazzini has long been famous for their Pistachios, and over the years people's enthusiasm for this popular nut has not waned. This long-time favorite never seems to lose its appeal. Roasted in small batches and lightly salted to bring out their mouth-watering flavor, Bazzini Pistachios are a welcome gift.

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